Kretek International Launches New Company, DRYFT Sciences

By: Tobacco Business | 12/9/2019

Kretek International, Inc., the largest importer, marketer and distributor of specialty tobacco products in the U.S., has announced the formation of a new company–DRYFT Sciences, LLC. This new operating company will focus exclusively on DRYFT nicotine pouches, a popular oral nicotine product that Kretek has been distributing in the U.S. since July 2016. The newly formed DRYFT Sciences will lead the national rollout of DRYFT nicotine pouches through expanded production, distribution and marketing efforts.

Jason Carignan, Kretek’s chief marketing officer, has been named as the President of DRYFT Sciences and will be shifting his responsibilities and focus at Kretek to help steer and grow DRYFT Sciences.

“The time is right for DRYFT nicotine pouches,” says Carignan. “With changing consumer behaviors and retail trends, the oral nicotine category is growing rapidly around the world. We predicted the broad shift away from traditional tobacco products and launched DRYFT nicotine pouches in July 2016. Our initial sales and marketing efforts proved very successful with consumers and retailers, and we recognized the need to create a new company focused solely on realizing our vision of bringing innovative nicotine solutions to the broader market.”

Carignan will oversee DRYFT Sciences and its marketing, operations and manufacturing of DRYFT products globally. The manufacturing of DRYFT nicotine pouches via a new U.S. manufacturing site, which will have the ability to product 30 million cans in 2020 and 60 million cans by 2021. DRYFT Sciences will also be introducing a revamped brand identity at the NACS show on Oct. 2, 2019. This new branding will include a new label design the launch of a new consumer website to follow. Kretek will be the exclusive distributor of DRYFT nicotine pouches, using its well-established sales channels and sales force to extend the reach of the product while driving business results.

“With Jason Carignan as President of DRYFT Sciences, we’re very confident in projecting success for the DRYFT brand and products,” says Sean Cassar, Kretek’s President. “He has an impressive track record within our company, and we’re ready to capitalize on the opportunity to be a brand leader in this rapidly-expanding category. Kretek has invested significant capital into DRYFT Sciences, and we believe that creating this new company is the right step in helping achieve our corporate objectives.”

As an emerging leader in the nicotine pouch category, DRYFT experienced 130 percent unit sales growth during the past 26 weeks at major c-store chains, predominately in the western U.S., according to Nielsen scan data. DRYFT offers adult consumers a tobacco-leaf-free nicotine experience and a satisfying alternative to traditional tobacco and nicotine products. Smokeless as well as spit-free, DRYFT can be used discreetly almost anytime, anywhere, allowing users to go about their day without slowing down while using the product. DRYFT nicotine pouches are available in three nicotine strengths–2mg, 4mg and 7mg–and come in eight different flavors: spearmint, wintergreen, dragon fruit, citrus, black cherry, cinnamon, coffee and peppermint.

The national rollout of DRYFT nicotine pouches is planned for January 2020. For more information and the latest news from DRYFT, visit