Premium Cigar Association Debuts at IPCPR 2019


Typically, the question everyone asks after each International Premium Cigar & Pipe Retailers Association (IPCPR) trade show and convention is “What’s new?” This year was no different but the biggest news to emerge from the biggest trade show gathering of the premium...

Small Size, Big Draw

Premium cigars have long been the epitome of relaxation. From start to finish, each draw and evolving flavor nuance is an experience to savor...

TPE 2019: Day 3 + Conclusion

Charlie Minato 3/15/2019
While the second day of Tobacco Plus Expo 2019 might have been the second busiest day of the trade show, there is no question which was the...

IPCPR Summer Show 2018

Desert heat, sizzling new products, cigars being rolled real-time, leisurely networking over lit cigars, and even an actual (unintended) fire.

P&K to Distribute AJ Fernandez in CA

Gregory Mottola 7/11/2018
California can be a tough cigar market. There are plenty of cigar smokers, but state regulations can make it difficult even...

Tommy Bahama Accessories


Island Lifestyle Importers is exclusively partnering with Ventura Cigar Company (VCC) for marketing and distribution...

Impulse Buying Power

Price Kutter 5/2/2018
IT’S HAPPENED TO US ALL. We’ve each entered into a store with a list or certain items in mind and have found ourselves walking out with something we never intended to purchase...

Open or Closed

Price Kutter 4/27/2018
The vaping trend has been a lucrative profit source for retailers seeking growth in the past few years. Thousands of  products have been released into the marketplace, attracting new customers and...

The Luxe Life

SLEEK CARS. FINE WATCHES. TOP SHELF LIQUORS. These are just a few product categories where the allure of the hard-to-reach draws customers into a store. For a look...

Profit Beyond The Plant

PKFWD 12/26/2017
$6.5 BILLION IN 2016. $7.8 BILLION by 2020. $20.2 billion by 2021. These mind-boggling figures reflect current revenue and projected revenue from sales of legal cannabis in North America...