Shipping & Orders

What is the minimum order?

The minimum product order value is $250. The product order value does not include hazardous materials fees, shipping, handling, or taxes.

How much is shipping?
Orders less than $500 are subject to a $9.95 per box shipping charge. This rate is per shipping box, not per cigar box.
What is the minimum for Free Shipping?
The minimum for free shipping is $500 (excluding taxes and discounts) for orders within the contiguous United states.  Orders outside the continuous United States (AK, HI, GU, PR, VI) will be charged actual shipping cost. 
Do you ship internationally?
We only ship to the US territories: Guam, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands.
How long before my order ships?

Orders will ship within 24 hours of being placed. Most orders placed before 2:30 PM PST will ship the same day.

Same Day Shipping

We strive to ship all orders placed before 2:30pm (Pacific Time Zone) the same day they are placed.

Why can’t I order more than 10 items?
You must select 10+ and manually input the QTY you want. 

Sign In

How do I log in for the first time?

Go to the Sign In page. Hit password reset. Use your customer number and new password to access your account and place an order.

What is my Account Number?
Your account number is your customer account number issued by Phillips and King. It can be found on the top right hand corner of your invoices.  Account number is not your email address. 

For account number information call 800-532-4427 or email webinfo@phillipsandking.com or use our contact us form.

I’m not sure I typed my password correctly. How can I check?
Click the ‘eye’ icon in password field to see what you typed.
Can I use the new P&K website if I do not have an email address?
You will need a valid email address to use the new P&K website.  Like many websites,  order confirmations, temp passwords, etc., are all sent via email.
Do I need to re-enter my account number and password every time I log in to the website?
Yes. For security reasons you will need to enter your credentials upon login. If you have trouble remembering your credentials you can save passwords in your browser settings.
What if I only have one email address and multiple stores?

You will sign in to the site with the account that has your email address associated with it, and then select the billing and shipping address for the store you wish to place an order for. If you have a question about how your account is set up do not hesitate to contact your P&K sales representative.


Where can I view my orders and order history?
In your account, at the top, there is a drop down menu.  Click on your account number and business name at the top of the page. You can print invoices and track an order from the Invoice History page. You can view and reorder past orders on the Web Order History page.
Can I pause the cart and call my rep with questions?
Yes, you can save your order in the cart, then call your sales rep. You can ask questions and adjust your cart accordingly.
How long does a saved cart remain saved?
Forever. Carts do not expire.  You can update many times.
How can I check my running total or item QTYs in my cart?
Check the cart icon in upper right corner.  You will see the running dollar value total for the order and the number of line items in the cart.  The total shown includes taxes, shipping, handling, and any discounts.
Where is my Quick-List from the old website?
The quick lists the old website is now saved as a wish list in your account. Go to your Wish List.
Order Approvals
If a store owner or manager wants to review an order before its placed. the buyer should create the order, then save it and notify the manager that its ready for approval. Manager or owner can then log in, select payment details and release the order.

Becoming a Customer

How do I start ordering with Phillips and King?

New customers must complete an account application and submit licenses. Select the Apply Now button above. Once the account is approved, log on to the website and start ordering.

How do I change my shipping address?
If you need to add a shipping address to an account, contact Phillips and King customer service. Once the address has been set up, you can select the shipping address under "my account". 
How do I use my promo code?

Go to the shopping cart and enter the promo code. The discount will show on the cart and be applied at checkout.


What browser should I use?

While the P&K website works on all browsers, Google Chrome is preferred. 

Does the site log me off after a period of time?
The site will log you out after 20 minutes of inactivity or when you close your browser window. 


What is your order return policy?
Products may be  returned up to 90 day after purchase.  Returns are subject to a 20% restocking fee per our terms and conditions and must be in original packaging, without damage and in resalable condition.  Product returned damaged, in broken boxes or without the original packaging will not receive a refund.


What exactly is Apruve?
Kretek International has partnered with Apruve to facilitate buying opportunities for our customers. With Apruve, we can extend open lines of credit, enabling our business customers to easily make purchases from our online store, but delay actual payment and avoid using a credit card.
What kind of payment terms do you offer with Apruve?
Our payment terms are Net 30 from day of invoice.
How large are the credit lines?
Both Kretek International and Apruve want to ensure that our customers’ needs are met responsibly. During the application process, customers may request their desired credit line, and this final limit may be higher or lower than the expected amount. 
Can my credit line be increased?
Yes. If you contact your sales rep, Kretek International can ask for an increase on your behalf or you can contact Apruve directly to do this using support@apruve.com.
Tell me more about the application. What type of information is requested?
Apruve keeps things as simple as possible, asking only standard information about your business. They do NOT ask for an owner’s Social Security number (unless they are a sole proprietor), and they are NOT underwriting based on the owner’s personal credit score.
How long does the approval process take?
We want to get you moving as soon as possible. Typically, approval takes two business days. Sometimes this can be longer if requests are larger and require the submission of additional documents.
What if I need a large credit line?
No problem! For larger requests (generally over $50K), Apruve will reach out to you directly to get more information. You may need to also send over your financials or details on the reasoning behind the need for the larger limit size.
Can I add other associates to our account if we are approved?

Yes. We like to offer our customers the flexibility to stock and restock their stores as soon as they are ready. Once your account is approved, you can add as many members as you would like. And you can even assign them specific roles:

  1. Buyer- Can purchase, does not receive invoices
  2. Payer- Can purchase, does receive invoices
  3. Admin- Can purchase, receives invoices, and can add other members to account


How do I sign up for Apruve?

To start your account with apruve, go here