Slaughterhouse is Back!

By: Phillips and King | 2/16/2021


Farm-to-table fresh, Slaughterhouse cigars are expertly crafted with a satisfying blend of tobaccos for an exceptional smoking experience - at a price that won't butcher your wallet! No-fuss. No-frills. We trimmed the fat down to the bone for a robust and savory smoke that won't break the bank.

Our cigars don’t need to get fancy to prove their worth. Satisfying flavor, a smooth and slow burn, & a high-quality wrapper - all bundled up in brown butcher paper. Mouthwatering flavor comes courtesy of our premium tobaccos, crafted by masters for an experience you want to linger over. 

These cigars are handmade in Nicaragua by famous cigar maker Omar Ortez. Their incredible taste and ridiculously low price is achieved through a bit of cigar magic. The Secret Sauce is a modified Cuban sandwich rolling style that places the long filler at the head of the cigar to create a one of a kind smoking experience. It is available with a smooth Natural Habano or a rich and sweet Mexican San Andrés Maduro wrapper. Available in Churchill, Toro, and Robusto sizes in bundles of 10 fresh from the factory.

Pick up a bundle (or two!) today!