Small Size, Big Draw

Cigar Tins Bring Benefits to Retailers and Consumers

By: | 3/31/2019

Premium cigars have long been the epitome of relaxation. From start to finish, each draw and evolving flavor nuance is an experience to savor, and not to be rushed. A good cigar requires time, but in our fast-paced society, hours are not always on our side. Cigar makers have responded to the demands of the day, and to time-starved cigar aficionados, by offering premium sticks in smaller sizes. Packaged in easy -to-carry protective tins, consumers are attracted to these cigars for convenience and quick enjoyment, without compromising on flavor. And Cigar Tins are proving to offer many benefits to retailers as well.

A Growing Category

Retailers are always on the hunt for products and market segments that deliver on growth. With consumer need and demand driving this product evolution, big brands and manufacturers are bringing their top-performing blends into the 4 x 32 format. This attracts both enthusiast customers looking for a quick alternative to a time-consuming cigar, and entry-level cigar smokers, who can sample the sticks without a substantial commitment of time or money. A retailer carrying Cigar Tins can tap into this lucrative, growing sector, standing to further benefit from return-visit purchases. These customers are almost guaranteed to come back, looking to sample more tins or to purchase full-size cigars.

On Display, the Easy Way

From a merchandising standpoint, Cigar Tins are an easy way for retailers to sell cigars. The tins don’t require a humidor to maintain the integrity of their contents, so they’re simple to stock and store, both for brick and mortar and online businesses. And in brick and mortar stores, Cigar Tins are often found in eye-catching, branded point-of-sale displays near checkout, which helps build a fan base, and encourages impulse buys that increase the retailer’s profit per transaction. 

The Way to Go, When on the Go

For today’s fast-moving consumers, the Cigar Tin is an ideal solution. The pocket-size sticks do not compromise on flavor, but instead offer a solid, affordable, smoking experience that’s just as satisfying as a full-size vitola. Whether traveling, commuting, or just going about a busy day, these cigars are protected by their tin case, and can be enjoyed on the go- even when it’s cold outside. The Cigar Tin was created to cater to the busy world, offering a bit of respite and relaxation to the everyday, and an excellent source of profits for retailers who embrace this growing trend. 

Cigar Tins for the Win

Consumers love small-size Cigar Tins because of their big-time benefits including:

• No compromise on flavor or blend

• Can be enjoyed even when time is short

• Enjoy premium cigars at affordable prices

• Convenient to carry

• Easy way to sample new blends

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