Open or Closed

An Exploration of Vaping Systems

By: Price Kutter | 4/27/2018


The vaping trend has been a lucrative profit source for retailers seeking growth in the past few years. Thousands of  products have been released into the marketplace, attracting new customers and prompting many questions about what to buy and why. The retail space has become a destination for product and information, and a resource to consumers looking for guidance on both. As a retailer, one of the most common questions asked by customers is whether to choose an Open or Closed Loop Vaping System. And as you know, there are pros and cons to each. So that you’re not caught without an answer that sparks conversation and converts to a purchase, here are some key points to remember:


➣ Ability to choose and mix e-liquid flavors.

➣ Versatility and high-performance.

➣ E-liquid can be refilled, and go longer between refills if using a tank.

➣ Generally, a lower price-per-puff.


➣ Users must take the time to refill tanks themselves.

➣ High potential for leaking.

➣ Atomizer heads must be replaced.

➣ Devices are bulkier, more cumbersome than closed-system  counterparts.

➣ Initial costs are higher.


➣ Easy to maintain.

➣ No need to clean, since cartridges are disposable.

➣ Device is always ready for use- just slip in a cartridge.

➣ Precise amount of e-liquid and nicotine provides the same, high-satisfaction experience in every draw.

➣ Initial costs are lower when buying vaping kit.


➣Limited to available e-liquid flavors.

➣ Cartridge lifespan is shorter, so creates more waste.

➣ Generally a costlier price-per-puff.

With benefits and drawbacks to each, it’s really up to the customer to decide which path to choose. For retailers, however, there are certain perks to offering more Closed Loop Systems. With their all-in-one approach to vaping, these devices are a smart choice to recommend to those new to vaping and looking for easy enjoyment. Plus, there are less SKUs to stock, both in terms of replacement accessories and e-liquids. And Closed Loop Systems also encourage repeat customers, as they’ll need to continue using cartridges that work with their devices.

Now armed with information about Open and Closed Loop Systems, you’re ready to be a resource for vaping customers. It’s time to stock up on products to bring them into your store- and keep them coming back for more.