Phillips and King’s TPE 2020 New Product Previews

By: | 1/22/2020

It is an honor to participate in this amazing tradeshow year after year and we can’t wait to see you, our valued customers on the show floor. It’s always great to see some familiar faces and we truly enjoy making in person connections with our newest clients!

As your trusted partners in this business, we can assure you that we are more than ready to face the challenges that have risen throughout our industry in the last few years and take 2020 head on!

For those of you that want to get a sneak peek at what we will have on display at TPE this year, here is a breakdown of our many highly anticipated product releases for the first quarter of 2020.


Archetype: The Master & The Pupil

The Master and Pupil lines are brand new special additions to our highly regarded Archetype series of cigars. Both of these lines pay homage to Carl Jung, the protégé of Sigmund Freud.

The Pupil: This series represents the more youthful Jung, having a quite mild flavor that rolls off your tongue and gives off memories of a more relaxing and peaceful time.

The Master: This series of cigars evokes the more senior Jung, who transforms into a teacher after learning from the genius of Freud. It has a much richer, bolder flavor that comes primarily from the Nicaraguan wrapper and should be passionately savored.

Archetype: Sacred Scales & Dawn of Destiny

The Sacred Scales and Dawn of Destiny lines are two more additions into the fantastic saga of cigars that make up the heroes’ journey detailed throughout the Archetype brand. These two cigars signify the turning point in their quest.

Sacred Scales: This is one of the newer lines from the Archetype brand, blended by the master Ernesto Perez-Carrillo. This line is supposed to represent the inflection point in our hero’s journey, beginning their return to the real world from the imaginary, giving off a rich and full-bodied taste.

Dawn of Destiny: The new Dawn of Destiny line is also blended by the cigar legend Ernesto Perez-Carrillo. This line gives off the feeling of the hero traveling across the threshold of flavor with a medium-full bodied taste, representing their final return to the real world.

Romeo y Julieta Reserva Real

The Reserva Real line features a tasty and mild Connecticut wrapper that provides a mellow, woodsy flavor that is slightly sweet and sure to satisfy. These cigars are available in 15 count boxes exclusively at Phillips and King!



Cannadips is a pouch based CBD made for oral consumption. This broad-spectrum CBD contains many natural terpenes and flavonoids, but zero THC. Its patented formula is on the cutting edge of CBD technology, using Nano molecules to ensure that the product is water soluble and easily absorbed into the blood stream. We will have five great new flavors available on the show floor for you to check out!

Classic Flavors: Mango and Wintergreen

Cannabis* Themed Flavors: OG Kush, Blue Dream, and Strawnana


Lucy Gum:

Lucy Gum is an oral nicotine product with a soft, gumlike texture and a crispy outer coating. It comes in a variety of flavors and can be used anywhere to provide a clean boost of nicotine. Lucy Chew works by releasing nicotine that is absorbed through the mouth and then into your blood stream.

*Lucy is not a food and is intended for adult use only.

DRYFT (Coming soon!)

Dryft is an easy-to-use Nicotine pouch that contains no tobacco plant matter, and is smokeless, discreet, and spit-free. This product is coming soon so make sure to check with your Phillips and King sales rep for the soonest delivery date.